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A good pot or cup of tea can quench a thirst, provide emotional support when we experience a tough time in the day and helps us to wake up and get ready for the morning ahead.

We adore tea at Tri Prana; Integrative well being & fitness.

The aroma, colour and quality of tea excites and amazes. The ceremony of choosing , preparing and making tea to enjoy for an everyday consumption or an special occasion is unique in its satisfaction.


Shanti Naliah who founded Tri Prana; Integrative Well Being & Fitness, started blending herbs to make tea infusions to aid health in the mind/body complex. The benefits of herbal infusions for mind and body are many, one such benefit of drinking herbal infused teas enables people to uptake more warm liquids into the body. Warm water is excellent for the digestion, helps to secret digestive juices and is extremely hydrating. In addition, drinking a cup of tea is a familiar and easy way for us to uptake herbs with their inherent minerals and vitamins.

In Ayurveda there is a concept of Pancha MahaBhutas- the Great 5 elements of space, air ,fire, water and earth. These elements have their own taste and each taste produces a special effect in the body. The 6 taste are sweet ,sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent.

We have blended our 6 herbal tea infusions with the principles of Ayurveda , in particular how the 6 tastes influence our health and well being.


SUNRISE/ Crown ( lemon peel , lemongrass, orange peel & ginger root) Great detox tea, stimulating and flushes out toxins. Start the day right!

SING! / Throat( Liquorice, fennel, orange peel, cardamom, clove,)

Good for skin complexion, excellent support for voice and throat health, provides good strength and excellent support for immunity.

ROSIE POSIE/ Heart (rosebuds, rosehips, hibiscus, orange peel, cinnamon, lemon peel)

Excellent for pacifying internal excess heatt in the body. Good aid for women’s health. Good for circulation, lots of Vitamin C,, helps to support normal immune function: good for the skin and supports normal function of collagen formation.

BLISSFUL BELLY/ Sacral (Peppermint, fennel, coriander, lemongrass)

Excellent carminative qualities, very helpful in getting rid of bloating and stomach pain after meals times. Supports proper GI function. Coriander has lots of Vitamin K- great for bone health.

CommmuniTEA/ Root ( Rooibos blend with ginger orange peel cinnamon) Excellent “meaty” tea! Loaded with ANTI-OXIDANTS and can help with your immune system, blood sugar levels, Supports healthy metabolism .Good for weight loss.

TRI PRANA TEAS blends two caffeinated HOUSE BLENDS.

Our House Black ….

Is a blend of Darjeeling and ceylon OP, this is a bright and delicate tea taken divinely by it self, with a slice of lemon or with a touch of milk.

This tea has some guts too. If brewed or steeped in measurements of one or two teaspoon for up to 5 minutes , a robust full bodied tea emerges perfect with milk and even two sugars!!

Our House GREEN tea

is blended with jasmine buds and a touch of lemongrass. Light and easy to drink, but loaded with anti oxidants that kicks starts the metabolism.

We source our ingredients from organic and fair trade farms and we blend our teas by hand and in small batches. All our ingredients and products are organic, vegan and gluten free.

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