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Why we make tea.


A good pot or cup of tea can quench a thirst, provide emotional support when we have experience a tough time in the day and help get us up and be ready for the morning …

TRI PRANA TEAS have two caffeinated blends.

Our House Black is a blend of Darjeeling and ceylon OP, this is a bright and delicate tea taken divinely by it sell or with a slice of lemin or with a touch of milk.

This tea has some guts too. If brewed or steeped in meaurements of one or two teaspoon for up to 5 minutes , a robust full bodied tea emerges. Pefect with milk and two sugars!!

Our House GREEN tea is blended with jasmine buds and a touch of lemongrass. Light and easy to drink, but loaded with anti oxidants to which kicks starts the metabolism.

Tri Prana started blending herbs to make tea infusions to aid health and well being. The benefits of herbal infusions for mind and body are many, one of which is it enourages people to uptake more warm liquids into the body. Warm water is excellent for the digestion and helps to secret digestive juices. In addition, drinking a cup of tea is a familiar and esay way for us to intake herbs and their minerals and vitamins.

Shanti, an Ayurvedic practitioner and founder of Tri Prana teas and health & wellness centre, has always been in awe by the health benefits of herbs and spices. Her mother,a nutritionist raised the family with the understanding of “ we are what we eat” and how the garden and kitchen larder is used for medicinal benefits. Shanti’s distant family connections of family owned tea farms in Ceylon has always provided a proud respect for tea and how it is grown and blended.

We have belnded our 6 herbal tea infusions with the principles of Ayurveda , in particular how the 6 tastes influence our health and well being.

In Ayurveda there is a concept of Panchabhutas- the 5 elements of space air fire water and earth, these elements have their own taste quality of which are sweet sour salty pungent bitter and astringent.

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