Ayurvedic Nutrition, fitness and Wellness 75 minute Consultation

Ayurvedic Nutrition, fitness and Wellness 75 minute Consultation


Ayurveda is a holistic healing tradition from India. It is the sister science of Yoga and is just as well respected. Ayurveda is gaining more followers throughout the world due to its timeless wisdom about nutrition, fitness, breathwork, meditation , lifestyle and much more. Everyone can benefit from Ayurveda. This holistic health system can bring harmony to mind and body, giving you serenity and robust good health. When you have a strong body and a balanced mind you have the toolkit you need for a successful life.

IBS, Skin ailments, insomnia, weight issues, anxiety, are just a few of the health issues that you can treat successfully with Ayurvedic consultations.

An individual consultation will show you how your body copes with stress. After initial diagnostics, get a program designed especially for you on how to eat, exercise and live that works for your unique constitution.

Shanti Naliah BA ( HONS) CMA MFHA is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Nutritionist and has run her Ayurvedic Holistic Health clinic for over 5 years.

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