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Connect To Your Confidence Workshop

Have you lost trust in yourself and doubt your own judgement?
Do you frequently question your capabilities?
Has past rejection left you feeling anxious, self-conscious, unworthy?

Do you wish to be able to be THAT woman? 
-The one who is always the centre of attention and enjoys it.
-The one who is well dressed and comfortable in her skin
-The one who seems to be lucky and enjoying her life

Connect To Your Confidence is a 2-hour workshop designed especially for you.

The workshop will be led by me, Carol Mae Whittick
I am a singer, musician and writer from London.

Over the years, I have struggled with low confidence. People wrongly assumed I was arrogant, aloof when I was usually feeling very anxious. I know what it is like to want to stop sabotaging your own potential and begin to enjoy life.  

It became my mission to understand why I felt this way and find ways to overcome this obstacle in my life. I now understand that we all have confidence within us and can apply it in any situation we need.

Now I welcome fresh challenges and I am excited to meet new people because I have found ways to empower myself in any situation.

A confident woman is someone who has identified her strengths and discovered profound self-love. As a result, she is able to ride the peaks, learn from the lows in her life and inspire all who know her.

It is my belief that this exists in everybody. You just need to step into it.

It is my intention that when you leave you will
-Be clear about where you already have confidence and how to feel that way more often.
-Have tools to refer to and build on this new feeling.
-Know that you are not alone and have support to help you grow.

This going to be fun! This is going to be interactive! Can't wait to see you there!

Price £10.00

Earlier Event: 1 March
Later Event: 8 March