Tri Prana started as a tea blending company where it’s founder Ayurvedic practitioner, Shanti Connolly Naliah had used blending teas as a way to offer her clients an everyday way of taking on therapeutic herbs and spices.


“I love tea and I find it so pleasurable to blend different herbs and spices into tea. I also love the whole ceremony of tea making. The measuring out of the tea – the choosing of the vessel (teapots/ cups) tea strainers or even the dunking of the tea bag. I adore the steps required to make a proper cup or pot of tea. Correct water temperature, I could go on and on..


My family actually a have a lineage in tea – my great grandfather had a small tea plantation in Ceylon (sri lanka) . he came from Britain and worked in the East India Company. First in Singapore and then moved to Ceylon. We are a mixed bag of all different heritages in our family and we love it. We feel we are children of the world.”


“ When I meet any new clients ,after their initial consultation, I discover in most cases, a mini detox is necessary. One of the best ways to undertake a gentle cleanse is to drink teas made from cleansing and de-toxifying herbs.”


Tri Prana uses ingredients which are 100% organic and vegan approved. They are blended and packaged at Tri Prana Yoga Cafe in North London.

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Shanti Connolly