At Tri Prana our passion is nourishing mind body and soul. A fantastic way of helping to achieve true nourishment and health for the body and mind is by allowing the body to uptake vitamins, minerals and antioxidants through herbs and spices and herbal tea blends are a gentle and relaxing way to get this done!

We have been blending teas since 2012 and we only ever use organic ingredients all ethically sourced. TRI PRANA TRIBE TEAS are blended by following the principles of Ayurveda.

Holistic. Healthy. Happy. Award Winning.

Which tribe are you?

BLUE TRIBE. SING! Liquorice based tea. Great anti-inflammatory. Good for throat chest & lungs.

GREEN TRIBE. ROSIE POSIE. Rose based tea. Good for Heart Chakra. Good for skin and very good for women.

PURPLE TRIBE. SUNRISE. Lemongrass & ginger based tea. Flush out toxins. Invigorates the mind.

YELLOW TRIBE. BLISSFUL BELLY. Peppermint based tea. Good for GI. Good for reducing bloating. Good for creativity.

ORANGE TRIBE. SUNSET. Chamomile based tea. Good for insomnia and relaxes the chattering mind.

PUNCHY DRUNK! Matcha based tea blend. Good for stamina and brings focus to the mind. great for athletes. runners. boxers. yogis.

COMMUNITEA!  Rooibos based tea. Heaps of anti oxidants and good alternative to caffeine.

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Shanti Connolly