New Year Detox

Detoxification is a process that helps to dislodge and release all that which has been stored and all that which has been hardened and has got stuck and unable to leave the body.

These hardened materials may be the result of a build up of half metabolized food and drink as well as emotions, resulting from the fall out of handling stressful situations in our daily encounters.

A detox does not have to be a long painful ascetic experience, it is true detoxifying oneself for one month will bring greater results than a mini fast of one day, but a mini fast one day a week will bring far greater results than holding out trying to find the time and money and tremendous rescheduling required that may never quite materialize.

In Ayurveda, it is the mind that should be the first element in the mind body soul complex that is treated to detox. Breath is one way to help us cool and calm the mind and our emotions. By controlling our breath we help to soothe the heart and mind together, cooling and softening our rigid judgments and melting any coarse thoughts towards others and ourselves.

Through Pranayama, we can quiet the monkey mind, ground and centre ourselves so we can fully digest all that has come to us through our senses, sight sound smell touch and taste. Our breath can take away the build up of any toxic emotions we have in our minds, leaving us feeling lighter and freer and more in control of our senses and desires for us to take on the specialized fasting element for the body.