Tri Prana started as a tea blending company where it’s founder Ayurvedic practitioner, Shanti Connolly Naliah had used blending teas as a way to offer her clients an everyday way of taking on therapeutic herbs and spices.


“I love tea and I find it so pleasurable to blend different herbs and spices into tea. I also love the whole ceremony of tea making. The measuring out of the tea – the choosing of the vessel (teapots/ cups) tea strainers or even the dunking of the tea bag. I adore the steps required to make a proper cup or pot of tea. Correct water temperature, I could go on and on..


My family actually a have a lineage in tea – my great grandfather had a small tea plantation in Ceylon (sri lanka) . he came from Britain and worked in the East India Company. First in Singapore and then moved to Ceylon. We are a mixed bag of all different heritages in our family and we love it. We feel we are children of the world.”


“ When I meet any new clients ,after their initial consultation, I discover in most cases, a mini detox is necessary. One of the best ways to undertake a gentle cleanse is to drink teas made from cleansing and de-toxifying herbs.”


Tri Prana uses ingredients which are 100% organic and vegan approved. They are blended and packaged at Tri Prana Yoga Cafe in North London.

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Ahimsa, each body is different and unique. Yoga is the union of the Mind or Universal consciousness with the Body or Individual consciousness Through Yoga a communion between Mind and Body offers us the realisation and acceptance, we are beautiful and perfect in our current shapes. Yoga can offer us the true gratitude of our bodies and embraces the blemishes, laughter lines and ( sometimes) extra ounces or pounds.
The principle behind Tri Prana Yoga Flow is for us to accept and work with the body we have and it's sequence is designed to maintain and develop more strength to support our bodies as we grow older. Tri- Prana flow helps to develop and maintain core strength. A strong external core helps with postural alignment and greater ease of movement. Coming soon ...






At Tri Prana our passion is nourishing mind body and soul. A fantastic way of helping to achieve true nourishment and health for the body and mind is by allowing the body to uptake vitamins, minerals and antioxidants through herbs and spices and herbal tea blends are a gentle and relaxing way to get this done!

We have been blending teas since 2012 and we only ever use organic ingredients all ethically sourced. TRI PRANA TRIBE TEAS are blended by following the principles of Ayurveda.

Holistic. Healthy. Happy. Award Winning.

Which tribe are you?

BLUE TRIBE. SING! Liquorice based tea. Great anti-inflammatory. Good for throat chest & lungs.

GREEN TRIBE. ROSIE POSIE. Rose based tea. Good for Heart Chakra. Good for skin and very good for women.

PURPLE TRIBE. SUNRISE. Lemongrass & ginger based tea. Flush out toxins. Invigorates the mind.

YELLOW TRIBE. BLISSFUL BELLY. Peppermint based tea. Good for GI. Good for reducing bloating. Good for creativity.

ORANGE TRIBE. SUNSET. Chamomile based tea. Good for insomnia and relaxes the chattering mind.

PUNCHY DRUNK! Matcha based tea blend. Good for stamina and brings focus to the mind. great for athletes. runners. boxers. yogis.

COMMUNITEA!  Rooibos based tea. Heaps of anti oxidants and good alternative to caffeine.

for any questions on our tea blends say hi at hello@tri-prana.com

New Year Detox

Detoxification is a process that helps to dislodge and release all that which has been stored and all that which has been hardened and has got stuck and unable to leave the body.

These hardened materials may be the result of a build up of half metabolized food and drink as well as emotions, resulting from the fall out of handling stressful situations in our daily encounters.

A detox does not have to be a long painful ascetic experience, it is true detoxifying oneself for one month will bring greater results than a mini fast of one day, but a mini fast one day a week will bring far greater results than holding out trying to find the time and money and tremendous rescheduling required that may never quite materialize.

In Ayurveda, it is the mind that should be the first element in the mind body soul complex that is treated to detox. Breath is one way to help us cool and calm the mind and our emotions. By controlling our breath we help to soothe the heart and mind together, cooling and softening our rigid judgments and melting any coarse thoughts towards others and ourselves.

Through Pranayama, we can quiet the monkey mind, ground and centre ourselves so we can fully digest all that has come to us through our senses, sight sound smell touch and taste. Our breath can take away the build up of any toxic emotions we have in our minds, leaving us feeling lighter and freer and more in control of our senses and desires for us to take on the specialized fasting element for the body.