Self Care Tips

Self Care and Rest are two New Year’s resolutions that should be a priority for 2019 and kept all year round!

Studies have shown that when we sleep well, we maintain a healthy weight and our organs can repair and tissue regeneration can be achieved more effectively.

Self care is a process which in turn can help to improve our quality of sleep. It may seem self indulgent but if we took the time to look after ourselves in the same way we M.O.T our cars or keep our houses clean and newly decorated we would reap the benefits in a stronger body and calm and restful mind.

5 Tips for Self Care:

1) Massage with warm oil, sesame or sweet almond, olive oil, avaocado or even baby oil on the soles of the feet for 2- 3minutes and place feet in clean cotton socks half either when you come home from work or half an hour or so before bedtime.

2) Nourish.

Drinking hot spiced milk before bedtime is a wonderful way to achieve a “winding down” effect before bed. Milks can be almond, oat or organic dairy,


½ tsp Nutmeg,

½ tsp Cinnamon,

Pinch of Ginger

Pinch of Cardamom

Sweeten either with agave or pure maple syrup or honey, bring to the boil, allow to cool and enjoy!

3) Have a soak!

Take time to have baths infused with oils every week, in a candle lit bathroom …It is easy to intend to have an indulgent soak in the bath , but we often plump for the quick shower, quick dry, rushed change of clothes and dash out the door instead

4) Head and scalp massage

Ailments related to the head are common and can be debilitating, especially migraine .

Head massages help spread the natural oils of the hair, increasing hair lustre and vibrancy while replenishing and rejuvenating dry or damaged hair.  It can help subside hair related issues such as dandruff, dead skin, scalp psoriasis, etc. Head massages can also help increase blood supply to the scalp, increasing the supply of nutrients received by the hair follicles and reducing hair loss and drying of hair. In addition a head and scalp massages can help reduce stress as well and can trigger the release of endorphins, elevating one’s mood.

5) Reflect.

Allowing time to digest the events of the day. In a quiet room with no distractions from the tv, radio or device glare, breathe slowly and deeply for 4-5 breathes and metabolise any thoughts, feelings, perceived slights or happy moments that have occurred throughout the day.It is important to process our emotions.

A stressed mind can effect the gut lining and so contribute to unbalances in the body.